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Bell & Howell Mailstar 400 (Stacker)

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Stations: 6
Stacker model
Envelope size: A6 3-1/2"x 6"up to 6-1/4"x 9-1/2"
Speed: 10,000/hr
Power: 208/240 volt, single phase, 30 amp, 4 wire with nuetral

Including: Six insert stations, D.C. drive variable speed drive motor, Start/Jog and reset switches, Safety two hand start, Rear stop switch,
Lexan safety covers w/safety interlocks over insert stations, 4:1 knob adjustable gripper jaw detection (machine detects a double or missing piece in the gripper jaw for accuracy),

Quick release locking back guides, Knob adjustable "T" plates, Self centering side guides, Hopper envelope feed, vacuum flap opener, Brush hold down assy's over insert plate, four tube envelope opener,

Power front table (Allows operator to adjust the front table from left to right with the touch of a button, Electronic water metering,
Indicator lights for; Low water, Flap error, Insert jam, Hood open, Turnover jam, Output jam, Detection gate, ect. Setup switch,

Electronic counter (counts only one piece per cycle for accurate counts) Stacker model.
Machine is knob adjustable no tools needed for basic setups.
This machine will run well at speeds up to 8500 per hour.

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